We would like to thank you and appreciate your service or product purchase with us on our website www.gsdfinancial.in of our Company GSD Trading and Financial Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GSD”). Kindly read this policy and the GSD terms and conditions thoroughly as they will give you necessary information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our customer, with honor to any purchase or service we provide to you.
We execute every effort to give the service to you as per the specifications and timelines specified against each service or product bought by you from GSD. However, due to any cause, if we are unable to provide to you the service or product you purchased from us, then you shall be entitled to a refund which will be subject to the following circumstances:
1. The Refund shall be only considered in the event there is a clear, visible need with the service or product purchased from.
2. In the case a buyer has paid for a service and then demands a refund only because there was a change in mind, the refund shall not be granted as there is no mistake, defect, or onus on GSD.
3. Refund applications shall not be considered after the work has been shared with you in the event of change of mind. However, we shall provide you the option of using the amount paid for by you, for an alternative service/product in GSD amounting to the same value and the said amount could be implemented in part or whole towards the said new service/product;
4. If any repayment installment is wrongly credited to different account other than one intended for it will appropriated to the relevant account after it is brought to the notice of GSD. The GSD will not be responsible for any such instances and the consequent loss to the borrower whatsoever; and
5. If the application for a refund has been proposed 30 (thirty) days after the purchase of a service or product has been formed and the same has been suggested and communicated via email or through any form of communication declaring that the work has been accomplished, then, such refund request shall be considered invalid.
If the application for the settlement has been approved by GSD, the same shall be processed and intimated to you via email. This refund process could take a minimum of 15 (fifteen) business days to process and will be credited to your bank account respectively. We shall examine the refund process with care and ensure that the money spent by you is returned to you at the earliest.
The GSD will have every right to amend the terms of sanction/to reduce amount/interest rate as per sanction at any time before of after the disbursement of loan. The GSD has every right to cancel the sanction letter and recall the entire loan without assigning any reason whatsoever.
The GSD reserves the rights to change/amend/add/cancel any/all of the above rules at any time as its sole discretion without any prior notice whatsoever.
If you have any queries, kindly send an email at gsdfinancerajkot@gmail.com